Pandas! Who can resist their fluffy white fur with black circle eyes, ears, and on all four limbs? On all fours they resemble a cuddly puppy especially if they are panda cubs! heehee

"Often nicknamed the Asian bear or Oriental bear, the panda bear once lived in Vietnam and Burma. Left unprotected, endangered pandas would inevitably become extinct. Mysterious and unknown in the past, many fascinating facts and information are continuously being discovered about male and female pandas and their baby cubs.

Many facts contribute to the plight of the endangered panda. Panda cubs are born in small litters, often only one. Where they live and the robustness of their habitat determines their survival. Since the mother’s reproduction rate is limited, specie propagation is fragile. The more information and facts we know about baby pandas the better we can insure their survival.

Panda bear cubs are born to play. But the survival skills they learn from their mother are critical. With proper skills and a favorable environment, cubs can mature to adulthood and continue the cycle of reproduction to save the species..." (source:

You cannot own a panda as pet. But there's no stopping you from getting panda-themed products! (^_^)

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